LiPo Booster

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LiPo Booster is a breadboard-friendly boost converter board based on the TPS61230 IC from Texus Instrument. It has an output voltage of 5V, and is designed to be used with a single cell LiPo battery. 

For normal and half size breadboards, the LiPo Booster can be plugged into the power rails without blocking the vertical 5-pin strips. It can also be used with a tiny breadboard or breadboard of any sizes as shown below.

2014-05-14 20.33.07

The Eagle design files and BOM can be found here:


11 thoughts on “LiPo Booster

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    1. jiananli Post author

      Hey Alex, it says in the datasheet that the maximum output current is 2.1A, though I don’t think the traces in my current PCB design are wide enough to handle it. I believe it’s good for an amp or less.

  2. bcg

    This is an awesome component man! I’m definitely building some of these so I can try this chip in my designs. Great work!!!

    1. jiananli Post author

      The TPS61230 has the undervoltage lockout (UVLO) functionality, but I’m not using it in the current PCB design. I’ll experiment with this feature in the next iteration.

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