Arduino ISP Shield

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This ISP shield supports 4 major types of AVR micro-controllers: ATtiny44/84, ATtiny45/85, ATtiny2313/4313, and ATmega168/328. You can both burn the bootloader and upload new sketches to any of those chips with this shield. The onboard 16 MHz ceramic resonator provides  clock signal to all four chips.

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In order to save some headers and keep this shield as small as possible, I decided to use pin 9 instead of the 5v pin to power this shield. Since the ArduinoISP sketch that comes with the Arduino IDE uses pin 9~7 for the three LEDs, we need to slightly modify the program in order to use the shield. Here are the changes I made:

#define power 9
#define LED_HB 6
#define LED_ERR 5
#define LED_PMODE 4



2013-07-06 15.05.49

I’ve successfully burned the bootloaders and uploaded sketches to 85, 84, and 328 with this shield, and will start testing 4313 once I get my hands on it in a few days.



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  1. Adam

    Hi there. This looks really useful, and I’d like to make one for myself. Do you happen to have a schematic or any other documentation that would help? Thanks!

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