Arduino Keyboard v4.1

In this version:

# Supports multiple simultaneous key presses (finally I can play some chords on it).

2013-04-02 00.49.13

The code is available at the link below. I’m fairly new to C/C++, so it’s not one of the most elegant code I’ve ever written.

Serial Midi Converter from SpikenzieLabs:

Also, I’ll try to put the schematic up as soon as possible.


5 thoughts on “Arduino Keyboard v4.1

  1. Asim

    Hi Friend, I need your help in building a mini project like yours. You are so great that you provided us your sketch for arduino. I will really very appreciate your efforts to put a schematic so, that i can see where the buttons are connected in arduino. I’m new to arduino. Thank you so much.! Your website helped me alot.

  2. Ronald

    Sir please i need the schematic for your “Arduino Keyboard v4.1” please provide schematic to me. You can mail it to me. Please help me. Please please sir… i am waiting for you

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