Arduino Keyboard v3.0

In this version:

# It now has a complete scale, and the twelve keys are arranged like a piano keyboard.

# You can either choose to use the piezo as an output, or use the Serial Midi Converter ( from SpikenzieLabs to make it a midi instrument and play in Garageband.

# Range of the keyboard is increased to 4 octaves; the fourth octave is indicated by not lighting up any LED.

2013-03-30 22.00.06


9 thoughts on “Arduino Keyboard v3.0

  1. s4my

    how about sharing the code i would really thank you for that.
    it’s awesome by the if i could make i would make a full scale one with like 61 keys cuz i can’t afford buying one and they are really rare where am from ‘3rd world country’

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