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Arduino Keyboard v3.0

In this version:

# It now has a complete scale, and the twelve keys are arranged like a piano keyboard.

# You can either choose to use the piezo as an output, or use the Serial Midi Converter ( from SpikenzieLabs to make it a midi instrument and play in Garageband.

# Range of the keyboard is increased to 4 octaves; the fourth octave is indicated by not lighting up any LED.

2013-03-30 22.00.06


Arduino Keyboard v2.0

In this version:

# The range of the keyboard was extended to three octaves. You can change the octave by turning the potentiometer around, and the current octave is indicated by the three blue LEDs.

# Three sharp notes, F# G# and A#, were added. I ordered more push buttons, and will add the C# and D# as soon as possible.

# Cleaned up the wiring.

And last but not least, version 3.0 is coming soon! Stay tuned for exciting updates and more awesome projects in the future!

2013-03-27 14.44.51

Arduino Keyboard

Here is my second Arduino project – a simple keyboard built with 10 pushbuttons, resistors of various values and a piezo buzzer. It’s basically just several voltage divider circuits in parallel.

I invited my friend Daniel Chander to play the keyboard for me. Thanks again, buddy!

2013-03-24 12.23.53